Free Krav Maga Self Defense Class

Free Krav Maga Self Defense Class

Valor Personal Defense Systems

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Come join us and try out your first class for free!

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*Limit one time per student*

Classes are available at both our Grove City and Meadville academies.


Our integrated Krav Maga combat system adds the additional layers of hand to hand combat, fitness, awareness, and mindset training to create a well rounded warrior. Additionally our Krav Maga program provides opportunities for students to become instructors and possibly one day entrepreneurs. Students will learn essential street survival skills and become fully immersed in our complete defense system. "Train to Survive Fight Back and Win"

The addresses for our academies are as follows...

Grove City:

27 Pine Grove Square

Grove City, Pa 16127


301 Chestnut St.

Meadville, Pa 16335