2020 Buddy Season Pass (Only 10 Passes Available)

2020 Buddy Season Pass (Only 10 Passes Available)

Valor Personal Defense Systems

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New for 2020 Valor PDS will be offering a year long season pass to all of our training classes (Krav Memberships & Instructor Courses Excluded). This pass will include unlimited access for up to 2 individuals to all of the following courses...

Youth Handgun Training & Safety Course

Level 1 Handgun (Regular price $55.00 per person)

Level 2 Handgun (Regular price $75.00 per person)

Level 3 Handgun (Regular price $75.00 per person)

Basic Carbine (Regular price $55.00 per person)

Advanced Carbine (Regular price $75.00 per person)

Combined Tactics Training 2.0 (Regular price $50.00 per person)

Shotgun Training Course (Regular price $75.00 per person)

Room Clearing (Regular price $75.00 per person)

NRA Women On Target Shooting Clinic (Regular price $50.00 per person)

NEW FOR 2020! Vehicle Assault Course (Regular price $75.00 per person)

NEW FOR 2020! Low light / Dim light Handgun Course (Regular price $75.00 per person)

Any Additional Courses Added in 2020 

The combined face value for all of these courses is $775.00 for one person and $1550.00 for two. You may also transfer / assign courses to other individuals to insure that your pass get used to the fullest. Firearms rental & ammunition not included. Once purchased you will receive a personal code that will make the above courses free during later check outs.