2023 Season Pass

2023 Season Pass

Valor PDS

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Valor Combat Academy offers a yearlong Season Pass for all of our training classes. This pass will include unlimited access for the same 1 Individual to all of the following courses...

Basic Handgun (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Intermediate Handgun (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Advanced Handgun (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Basic Carbine (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Advanced Carbine (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Room Clearing 1 (Regular price $55.00 per person)

Room Clearing 2 (Regular price $55.00 per person)

Vehicle Combat Course (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Low light / Dim light Handgun Course (Regular price $99.00 per person)

Any Additional Courses Added in 2023 

The combined face value if you were to attend every course available is $1,397.00 that's a savings of over $1,000.00 and the pass pays for itself after 4 training courses!

Firearms rental & ammunition not included. Once purchased you will receive a personal code that will make the above courses free during later check outs.

This pass is only good for one individual. You may not transfer this pass to another person after the first class is attended.